Body text ‘EB Garamond’


Oswald Title



This is an example of a blockquote in ‘Cormorant Garamond’.



Navy Button



Underline Arrow


Underline Link


  • Two Column List
  • Test
  • Test
  • Test

Developer Classes


Adds a navy linear gradient that goes from bottom to top.


Adds a full navy overlay at 80% opacity.


Adds color: gold to element.


Gives a title oswald font family, letter-spacing and caps.


Gives text oswald font family.


Gives text EB Garamond font family.


Gives text Cormorant Garamond font family.


Adds a gold box shadow to an element on hover.

Animation Classes

.animatable .fadeInUp

Adds fade in up animation to element.

.animatable .fadeInLeft

Adds animation to element to fade it in from right to left.

.animatable .fadeInRight

Adds animation to element to fade it in from left to right.

Reuseable ACFs

CTA Panel

Used to add the CTA Panel to the bottom of various templates.

Panel Button

Used to add a button copy/link fields to various panels.