Understanding Your Home’s Value

Wondering what to do to sell your house for the highest amount possible? It all starts with understanding your home’s market value, which can’t be determined online. For an accurate home evaluation, contact me to schedule a convenient day and time for me to visit your property.

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Upfront Advice That Raises Your Return

After years of helping clients purchase homes in West Toronto and across the GTA, I know what buyers will be looking for in your home. My experience renovating a 100-year-old house allows me to quickly identify any potential issues or opportunities for improvement and provide the right advice and resources to fix them. This is especially important if you’re selling an older home that may have knob and tube wiring, clay pipes, or foundation problems.

I believe in complete transparency when selling to move the process along as smoothly as possible. I often recommend conducting a pre-listing home inspection to disclose any problems we can fix to get you the highest Return On Investment (ROI). This way, everything is out in the open and prospective buyers can’t come back and cut back in price over an undisclosed issue.

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Step 1

We meet at your home and I conduct an in-person evaluation of your property.

Step 2

I research comparable properties and take what I learned from the home evaluation to determine an accurate listing price. We then review it together and can go over what to do to sell your house for top dollar.

Step 3

A pre-listing inspection is completed to identify issues in your home, with advice and recommendations for professionals who can help fix them.

Step 4

Trusted stagers are brought in to provide home staging advice. During this consultation, they’ll help determine colour choices and design strategies to make your home stand out.

Step 5

You receive a checklist of how to get your house ready to sell, with tips on how to raise your Return On Investment through big or small renovations.

Step 6

Once your home looks amazing, professional photographers will capture your property.

Step 7

Your home hits the market with customized ads and quality marketing materials distributed to buyers and buyers’ agents throughout my network.

Step 8

I host agent open houses, public open houses, and private showings until offers come in.

Step 9

We’ll review each offer in detail together to ensure you understand and confidently agree to every clause or condition and feel comfortable with the price. I’ll negotiate every dollar as if it were my own until we sell your home!

Step 10

After you accept an offer and we close the deal, I’ll walk you through the final steps, which include completing the final paperwork and payments and providing the new owners with the keys. I can also get you the necessary contacts for moving services or other recommendations you may need.

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Want a free handbook to selling a home? See what to do to sell your house successfully and get some practical tips on maximizing your success in my guide here.

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Your Custom Marketing Package

Your property will be marketed and advertised with a completely customized package, including:

  • High-quality photography
  • A virtual property tour
  • A floor plan
  • Feature sheets
  • Agent and public open houses
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Advertising within my network of agents and previous clients

Selling During a Separation

Navigating a sale during a separation or divorce is never easy, but it is something that I have a lot of experience in and can help you through. This process is intertwined with a lot of emotion and legalities, but I’ll work to ensure that everything is taken care of fairly and that every party receives the same information at every step. Contact me today if you’d like to talk more about how I can help.

Ready to Sell?

When you work with me, I treat every dollar as if it were my own – so you know that I’ll negotiate hard to get you the best possible price. Want to get started?